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19th century French History as told by famous painters

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From the Franco-Prussian War to the 1889 Paris World Exhibition Following Napoleon III's disastrous war with Prussia and the German states in 1870, his regime was abolished and the Third Republic proclaimed on 4 September 1870. The Annunciation of the Abolition of the Imperial Regime in front of the Palais du Corps Législatif, by Jules […]

Helen Fry in Conversation with Barnaby Jameson

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on Codename: Madeleine: Love, valour and betrayal Barnaby Jameson From Fact to Fiction Inspired by real events, Codename: Madeleine is the most unexpected spy story ever told. It teems with tigers, zeppelins, elephants, U-boats, angels, assassins, chessmen, cyanide, beetles, butterflies and Rumi. Revolving between Paris, London, Prague, India and Latin America, Codename: Madeleine is a […]

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Viennese Delights with Patrick Bade

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Fin de Siecle Vienna 1890-WWI Vienna was the capital of the 20th century. The intellectual life of the city, its architecture, sights and sounds, and new colors were for a […]