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Rena Tobey – NY Jewish Museum Exhibitions

Tissot and the Bible A turn to deep reflection and spirituality marked the last 20 years of Tissot's life! In this talk, Rena Tobey will take  a close look at how Tissot used the dynamics of illustration to tell stories through the art. The work is placed in the context of his career and in […]

“All in the Family” with Iain Scott

Virtual Event Virtual Event

A fun opera course with Iain Scott! **  Brothers in Opera? Which brother kills his brother (at least 2 operas)? recognises his lost sister (at least 2 operas)? tries to […]

Trudy Gold on The Jews of Hungary Part 2

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The invasion of Hungary by Nazi Germany in March 1944 marked the onset of a tragic chapter in World War II. Adolf Eichmann, a key figure in the Holocaust, arrived […]