Nazism, the Arts, and the Pretense of Civilization with Ori Z. Soltes

Professor and author Ori Z. Soltes, as co-founding Director of the Holocaust Art Restitution Project, has spent 20 years focused on the issue of Nazi-plundered art. We are thrilled to have Ori join our team with a series of three lectures.

Nazism, the Arts, and the Pretense of Civilization Part 2

We will focus more on the contexts of Nazi acts of plundering and then turn to the issue of artists, revolving around their identity issues as immigrants and how this affected their art.

The second lecture concludes by raising the question of how we Americans understand ourselves to be champions of just and civilized expressions of human being.

Identity, Art, and Migration: Refugee Artists in America During the Nazi Period: Wednesday, March 16


Thank you for offering the series with Ori Z. Soltes – we enjoyed today’s lecture tremendously! We are hoping that you will be able to secure Ori for additional series – on any topic of his choice, you have our Vote! E Toronto 

Thank you so much. That was really so enlightening I’m happy that these lectures are recorded so we don’t have to miss any if we can’t see them on the designated day. N Toronto