Facing History: Proud to be Jewish

Antisemitism on the left

Why did antisemitism not end after the Shoah?

Series includes:

Antisemitism /Anti-Judaism: Wed. Oct. 20
Antisemitism /Anti-Judaism pt 2: Wed. Oct. 27

Antisemitism/Anti-Judaism: Wed. Nov. 10 From Rosenberg to Hitler

Antisemtism on the right: Wed. Nov. 17

Antisemitism on the left: Wed. Dec. 8 (was changed from Dec. 1)
Why didn’t antisemitism end with the Shoah? and the rise of antisemitism on the  left

from Joseph Stalin to Jeremy Corbyn

Roots of Arab antisemitism: Wed. Dec. 15
Can they ever forgive us the Shoah?

From Auschwitz to Statehood: will now be in the new year dates tbd