Nazism, the Arts, and the Pretense of Civilization with Ori Z. Soltes

Professor and author Ori Z. Soltes, as co-founding Director of the Holocaust Art Restitution Project, has spent twenty years focused on the issue of Nazi-plundered art.

Ori Z. Soltes is extremely engaging and a leading expert on  the issue of Nazi-plundered art.
You won’t want to miss these riveting stories…
Why was art and the plunder of cultural property so obsessively important to the Nazis? Why do civilizations  continue to plunder art and what was different about the Nazis doing it? How did the Allies react at the end of the war and why is this issue still ongoing?
and some compelling cases of Restitution ..
What happened to Chagall’s “The Village”? How did the Met keep Picasso’s work and the case of “Woman in Gold”? and much more

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Identity, Art, and Migration: Refugee Artists in America During the Nazi Period: Wednesday, March 16