About Us

Welcome to my new venture Classi Lectures!

Sue Walsh

Classi Lectures”  presents lectures online from outstanding speakers on a variety of cultural subjects.

I grew up with European parents from Vienna who nurtured a love of the Arts – and of course travel and food…!

My passions of art, history, opera and literature led me to start this. I used to travel all over Europe and North America combining travel with art exhibitions, concerts and theatre! Now, with fewer travel opportunities and a long winter ahead, it seemed the perfect time to bring outstanding lecture series to people in their homes.

Classi Lectures combines enjoyable learning from excellent speakers with a unique opportunity to interact with them. Where else can you get the best speakers to interact with you and answer your questions without the hassle of driving and parking! Our goal is to stay positive and build a wonderful community with you who love the Arts and learning

We started with a series on Renaissance Art and are now offering  programs on different Artists, History, Opera with lots more to come!

Check out the Author/Book Series and come join the Classi Book Reviews  Group.

Classi Lectures  is based in Toronto and attracts a North American wide and European audience.