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“Classi Conversations” – Edward Rutherfurd talking about his new book “China”

Virtual Event

Edward Rutherfurd talks about his new book "China" This seventy-year family saga starts in the nineteenth century, during the reign of Britain’s Queen Victoria. Through the human stories of British, American and Chinese families, the novel tells the sweeping and dramatic tale of how the West met the exotic Empire of China and humiliated her. […]

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Is China an Alluring Panda or a Pandora’s Box?

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Special Add-on to China Series - What is Happening in China Now - Alluring Panda or Pandora's Box? China’s current rapid evolution. Tales from ground level and all the questions you wanted to ask. China is always in the news - huge economic expansion, more control in Hong Kong, Canadians captured and not returned - what is going on […]

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Trudy Gold asks: Has Jewish Education Failed Us?

Virtual Event

Has Jewish Education Failed Us? Millions have been spent on Jewish education. Has the investment been worthwhile or has Jewish education failed to prepare us for the current onslaught of Anti-Semitism? Why are our children unprepared on campus? Why are people unable to fight?

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