Daisy Goodwin on her book “Diva” – Maria Callas

Daisy Goodwin on her book “Diva”

In the cutthroat world of opera, Maria Callas, dubbed “la divina,” was celebrated for her mesmerizing voice, dramatic prowess, and stunning beauty. Despite her upbringing in Nazi-occupied Greece, where her talent was exploited by her mother, Callas rose to fame on the stages of the world’s grandest opera houses.

When she met Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, Callas believed she had found genuine love and acceptance for the first time. However, Onassis’s sudden departure to marry Jacqueline Kennedy shattered her world.

In this captivating novel, Daisy Goodwin portrays Callas’s journey from a rising star to a heartbroken woman who ultimately finds her true strength and voice in the face of devastating loss.

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