Les Nabis and Fauvism with Patrick Bade – Two Lectures


Fauvism, style of painting that flourished in France around the turn of the 20th century. Fauve artists used pure, brilliant colour aggressively applied straight from the paint tubes to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas.
The Fauves painted directly from nature, as the Impressionists had before them, but Fauvist works were invested with a strong expressive reaction to the subjects portrayed.

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Les Nabis – January 11 @ 4pm

Les Nabis and Fauvism with Patrick Bade – Two Lectures

Les Nabis

In Paris, Pierre Bonnard, Maurice Denis, and Édouard Vuillard were key in the Nabis- a group of young French artists active in Paris from 1888 until 1900, who played a large part in the transition from impressionism  to abstract art, symbolism and the other early movements of modernism

Interesting detail: The Nabis (a title taken from the Hebrew and Arabic term for “prophets”) were a Symbolist art group

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