“Understanding China’s growing Global Ambitions and the “Belt and Road Initiative” with Dr. Chris Twigge-Molecey

With a Special Introduction by Iain Scott

“The Belt and Road” and Global Development Initiatives. What’s in it for Canadians?

China is constantly in the news and concern for its Global ambitions is a major concern today.
Dr. Twigge-Molecey brings us a unique, easy-to-follow understanding to a complex issue – one most have never heard of – the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
This talk will look at the history,  motivations, progress and real accomplishments. This will lead into some studies where Canadian companies have secured work on the BRI and some of the pitfalls encountered.

Xi Jinping announced at the UN in September this year a Global Development Strategy.
What is it and its objectives as it fits into a grand Chinese strategy?
And once again, is there anything in it Canadians can benefit from or should be worried about?”