The “Art of Dining” during the Pandemic – POSTPONED

Share the stories and experiences of well known Food journalist/reviewer & food/travel writer Renee Suen

Charming and talented she has written for the Toronto Star, Toronto Life, Chatelaine & other major publications..
How does a restaurant reviewer function? Do you eat everything? Inside stories of food & travel journalism & how great chefs including Victor Barry (Piano Piano) and Patrick Kriss (Alo)  are adapting through the Pandemic

“That Monday, (start of Covid Mar 2020) we closed all our restaurants, which meant cancelling three months of reservations at Alo. I had to lay off 130 people—all but 20 of our staff—which was heartbreaking. Chefs, servers, managers, admin staff, just about everyone. I’d never had to let so many people go at once, but I had to face reality: there wasn’t any money coming in….You could see during the first lockdown what it would be like if the city lost its restaurants: streets and sidewalks empty, the city shut down at nine. The pandemic is proving just how important restaurants really are.” Patrick Kriss “Alo” Chef