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Dr. Anne Koval on “Mary Pratt: A Love Affair with Vision”

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Mary Pratt’s art has captivated millions of Canadians. Her luminescent paintings capture reality in a way that few artists have been able to achieve — the chip in a glass bowl, the play of light across a dish-strewn supper table, the vulnerability of a naked woman. Replete with symbolism, Pratt’s work elevates the traditional still […]

“Factors involved in a complicated process” Contemporary Architecture with Michael Guido

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This lecture will introduce you to the various societal movements that have influenced contemporary architecture seen in several styles, from Neo-modernism, deconstructivism, Parametricism and high-performance architecture, in several variations from concrete structures to asymmetrical facades and steel cantilevers. Contemporary architecture uses advanced technology and materials and is highly conceptual, sculptural, innovative, and expressive. Computer-aided designs […]

At the End of WWII: “The Last Train” an amazing and heroic story of survival

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Classi Lectures together with Jewish Genealogical Society of Toronto and Rona Arato - "The Last Train" "The Last Train" tells the gripping true story of young brothers Paul and Oscar Arato and their mother Lenke surviving the Nazi occupation during World War II. Living in Hungary, they initially feel insulated from the war until Hitler […]

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Lydia Bauman on “Sargent & Fashion” Exhibit at the Tate

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"Sargent used fashion as a powerful tool to express identity and personality. He regularly chose the outfits of his collaborators or manipulated their clothing. This innovative use of costume was central to his artwork – for example, tugging a heavy coat tighter around a man to emphasise his figure or letting a dress strap sensuously […]