History and Stories of Paris

Karen Reb Rudel and Stephanie are back!

A wonderful Virtual Tour of history and places. We  may not be able to go there yet – so come travel virtually.

French Revolution:

Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood. These three words echo through the Republic today.

From 1789, for the next decade France was plunged into one of the most destructive and dramatic periods of French history. As the Ancient Regime crumbled it led to the building of a New Order which would lay the foundations of modern France.

You will be swept up in the energy and passion of 18th century France, discovering the men and women who made it happen, the moments which shaped the nation, and the horror of the terror as the murderous dog of the Revolution turned on the very hand that fed it.

In the series:

French Revolution: Wed. Mar. 9
Paris Museum of Jewish History and Art: Tues. Apr. 5

History and Stories of Paris

The Museum of Jewish Art and History:

Join us as we delve into the depths of one of Paris’s most beautiful museums. Housed in an old private aristocratic mansion, behind the Louis XIV façade, hides the museum of Jewish History and Art, a rich testament to a people who have lived in the background of France for almost 2,000 years.

This “Virtual tour” will take you through the collection, following the early development of Jewish history in Paris, before leading you through a fine collection of Judaica, and finally looking at the trials and tribulation faced by French Jewry at the end of the 19th century, which would shape the future of the nation’s Jews all the way to today.

In the series:

French Revolution: Tues. Mar. 15
The Museum of Jewish Art and History: Tues. Apr. 5


Rosemary Sullivan in Conversation with Rona Arato on “The Betrayal of Anne Frank”


Classi Lectures together with Beth Tikvah Congregation

In Conversation…

Award-Winning Canadian Author, Rosemary Sullivan joined by  Lead Investigator, Former FBI Agent, Vince Pankoke

with Toronto’s Author Rona Arato.

Does this book solve a mystery that has haunted generations since WWII? Who betrayed Anne Frank and her family? And why?

Now, thanks to radical new technology and the obsession of a retired FBI agent, this book offers an answer. Rosemary Sullivan unfolds the story in a gripping, moving narrative.

The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation is the riveting story of their mission. Rosemary Sullivan introduces us to the investigators, explains the behaviour of both the captives and their captors and profiles a group of suspects. All the while, she vividly brings to life wartime Amsterdam: a place where no matter how wealthy, educated, or careful you were, you never knew whom you could trust.

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Free French Africa in World War II: The African Resistance

Author Eric Jennings in conversation

Only in recent years have historians rediscovered the critical role that French colonial troops played in the twentieth century’s two world wars. What is perhaps still deeply under-appreciated is how much General de Gaulle’s Free France drew its strength from 1940 to the middle of 1943 from fighting men, resources, and operations in French Equatorial Africa rather than London. Jennings tells the story of an improbable French military and institutional rebirth through Central Africa and gives a unique, deep look at the key role Free French Africa played during World War II to help the Allied cause.